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More than a month March 13, 2007

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OMG! It’s been more a month that I touched this blog. I miss it soooo much.

And, I’d like to share with you what have been happening to me for the last 1 month:

  • I found out that I haven’t had my period (it happened in the mid of February). I couldn’t be pregnant. I was sure about it. And I checked it out to my doctor. Then she did some tests. She said, I had to get some treatments. It’s hormonal. Oh, why can’t these hormones leave me alone?
  • But, that’s nothing compared to what happened to my daughter. At school, a friend of her made fun of her.  She seemed so disappointed and of course upset, because this little girl used to be a good friend of her.  I thought it was just a little thing until my daughter said that this girl did it to her almost everyday. So, I went to her headmaster and talked about it. Now, he’s taking care of it but I wish there was something I could do myself.

Talking about a kid making fun of the other kid(s)…I once read this article about the matter. It says that to have a kid who doesn’t make fun of others, not only parents should teach it, but also be a good role model for their kid.

Hm…what do you think?


I feel a little bit better February 8, 2007

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Thank God, I feel better now. Still a bit weak but I can manage to do some stuff.

Well, hope the webworld really wants to know how I’m doing because I put all the effort to type these words. I act like a celebrity or what? Assuming that people wanna know about my health progress?


Know what, my husband almost found out that I had a blog! I’ll tell you about it sometimes this week.


Not Feeling Good February 7, 2007

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Since yesterday, I felt terribly weak. I don’t know why. Could it be something that I ate or what?

I really hate being weak. I can’t prepare food for my family, I can’t do the laundy, I can’t even clean the house up. I hate messy house.

I wish I get back my fitness again, anytime soon.

Will get back to you after I feel better.


A Lovely Weekend February 5, 2007

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I feel lik eI haven’t thanked my husband enough for the beautiful weekend he granted us.

He told me not to cook at all. We ate out from breakfast ’til diner. And, he got me a beautiful necklace that I’ve been dreaming of. Plus, he got my kids toys, 3 for each.

He said that he wanted to see us smile and laugh. But, he also mentioned that it won’t happen every week.



Weekend is coming! February 2, 2007

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Last weekend I was busy taking care of my son who didn’t feel well.

But this weekend, things will be different. My husband promised that we would have fun!


Let’s have fun.

I’ll let you know how fun my weekend is next Monday.



My Sweet Daughter January 31, 2007

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At first I wanted our first kid to be a boy. I think because I don’t have an older brother and I kind of envy my friends who did.

So, I want my 2nd child (which I thought would be a girl) to have a big brother.

But, I gave birth to a girl!

No, I wasn’t disappointed at all. She was too lovely, too sweet, too cute to be disappointed about.

And now, she is even sweeter.

She is more like a friend to me even though she’s very young. She knows when I feel blue and try all her might to cheer me up. She knows whenever I feel tired, she jumped right away to help me.

Oh God, I don’t know having a daughter could be this beautiful.

🙂 Can’t wait to see other miracles from having a son.


I’m not good in scrapbooking January 30, 2007

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I have a friend who can make beautiful scrapbooks. She is super creative.

And me? Well, I have to admit that my daughter might make a better srapbook than I do.

I mean, I like it but it’s just I don’t have the talent. I’m not clean enough, you can find some glue over the papers and stuff. I’m lazy. It takes a week just to get 2 pages done.

But, it has some advantages…;)

My daughter never asks me to help her with her creativity related kind of homework. Daddy’s the hero for that. Yeah, my husband is a lot more creative than I am. Lucky me!